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Fifo singlet

There’s going to be a fifo singlet made up for mackay and Perth and surrounding areas

stay tuned


New singlets being printed for my trips     Sydney via gc 3-5july2014

Feeling sick

I’m currently unwell with 3 bouts of the flu weeks apart. I’m almost over my crazy cough now hopefully be better in time for box run 2014 trip in 4 weeks

Compression straps

I’m going to make some compression straps for my deployment bag so it can be easier to carry. 


Ill put pics up when I make the straps uup cheers




Cairns fifo weekend plan

There is the strong likelyhood of a Thursday to Monday trip to cairns to do some fifo interviews and do surveys

also to do some snaps in the airport while there.

Ill be taking names for future reference as part of my interview process.


Pictures may also be taken as well


trip plan is in big book

Cairns fifo weekend plan

Cairns fifo weekend plan is on the cards please stay tuned to here

Sydney trip completed

Ok I spent all day in Sydney airport till 1535hrs for my flight to the Gold Coast.

the trip was not without its issues


trip report was no lucky no John just a catch up trip to Sydney 


Trip nearing completion

Geez it’s been stressful at present I have no money and had no decent breakky

i guess lunch will be later on at my place as tea. Plenty of  food in the house

currently sitting in departures waiting for my flight to open

in deciding toget breakky now should hold up till later on

on other than that nothing else to report

see ya on the goldy at the end of my trip


Update to my travels

I’m been to the airport today and nothing got my fancy exp a pelican case on wheels yet again. I wish I had one of those for my trips. Perhaps next time ill roll up with one. The only trouble with this trip I had just brown shirts

I had never been approached before by army personnel re having brown shirt on


It’s finally happening

It’s finally happening


I’m in Sydney till Thursday


I’m going to try walking from mascot to the airport


to do some fifo surveys


Well see how things pan out